DBE Holds Annual Management Members Meeting


Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) held its Annual Management Members Meeting August 02 and 03, 2019 here in Addis Ababa at the Capital Hotel and Spa. 

During the first day of the meeting, Chairperson of Board of Management of the Bank, Tegegnework Gettu (PhD) was in attendance and addressed his message to participants. He said the Board has set a 5-year strategic plan that enable to overcome the challenges being encountered the Bank. This is, therefore, as a pioneer and an age-old Bank, we should work aggressively to contribute share for the country’s development.

On the meeting, the 2018/19 Annual Performance Report of the Bank, and 2019/20 Annual Plan and Budget of the Bank was presented by Strategy, Change and Communication Directorate and Vice Presidents and profoundly evaluated and discussed over by management members of the Bank.

The report revealed performance of the Bank, problems encountered during the year, corrective measures employed, strengths and weaknesses observed, evaluation and monitoring processes and overall the Bank’s loan provision performances were evaluated.

As a result, the Bank’s annual performance registers satisfactory labeling 85.02% by approving birr 11.88 billion (93%), disbursing birr 10.76 billion (138%) and collecting birr 4.93 billion (71%) from project and lease financing services. 

The Bank also sold Great Renaissance Dam Bond to birr 1.30 billion (130%) during the year, according to the report.

The Bank plans to approve birr 13.76 billion, disburse birr 11.96 billion, collect birr 7.87 billion in project and lease financing services in 2019/20 budget year.

Besides, Reform Plan of the Bank was also presented and discussed over by management members of the Bank.

After the presentation of the report and plan, issues with respect to prudent lending, reducing NPLs, maximizing Great Renaissance Dam Bond sale especially in districts, transparent system for promotion and transfer of employees and over all attitudinal change across employees and management members are deeply discussed. 

After the discussion, President of the Bank, Ato Haileyesus Bekele finally emphasized that employees of the Bank working in different levels should work hard to meet the Bank’s annual plan by doing utmost effort, reducing NPLs and reversing the Bank’s current financial status.