Bank’s ERP Project Office gives workshop on Oracle HR Self Service Module-

Following the go-live of EBS modules that are in the Bank’s ERP Project implementation scope the ERP Project Office has organized a workshop on Oracle HR Self Service Module to directorate employees under Vice President Corporate Services, that is, HRM, Property & Facility Management, ITS and Research and Project Data Management  Directorates.

As implied form its name the module, Oracle HR Self Service Module, empowers employees and managers to access and update their own information on-line to facilitate paperless environment, reduce wait time and streamline process; as such it is going to be used by all employees of the Bank for it has functionalities that are linked to each employee:

  • View and update Personal Information,
  • View Employment and Other related details,
  • View Payroll Payslip,
  • Capture Transfer Request,
  • Update Educational and Qualification Status,
  • Submit Grievance to HR Manager,
  • Upload Pertinent Document.

Thus, the workshop is intended to give an overview of theses functionalities of the module including how to login and access the system so that employees can start using it, and for that end the project office will continue organizing similar workshop for employee under the other VPs as well.

The project office is with the conviction that making use of the implemented functionalities of the HRSS module will have paramount importance in transforming the Bank’s community in to a techno-savvy society, as the time demands too.