This is a list of the questions we are most frequently asked.

1. Who are we?

 Ans:- The Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) is one of the financial institutions engaged in providing short, medium and long term development credits. DBE’s distinguishing feature is its “project” based lending tradition. Projects financed by the Bank are carefully selected and prepared, thoroughly appraised, closely supervised and systematically evaluated.

Since its establishment in 1909, the Bank has been playing a significant role in promoting the overall economic development of the nation.

 In its long years of service, DBE has established recognition at national and international levels. Nationally, it is the sole Bank with reputable experience in long-term investment financing. Internationally, it is recognized as an important on-lending channel for development programs financed by bilateral and/or multi-lateral source.


  1. Q.What are the services of DBE?


Credit Services

The Bank extends loan services to applicants after undertaking appraisal studies in reliable methods to ascertain the viability of the proposed projects.

The Bank provides counseling and technical services to new applicants and its clients.

Banking services

The Bank provides banking services such as deposit facilities in the form of time deposit and current accounts as well as money transfer services. These services are mainly provided to its clients and funding institutions. The Bank also gives international banking service and related activities, providing L/C services to its clients for importation of machinery and raw materials from foreign suppliers and export of produce.

  1. What are the priority areas for DBE’s credit services?

 Ans:- Please see Service main menu and click on priority Sector

                Service-> Priority Sectors

  1. What is DBE’s lending interest rate?

 Ans:-  The interest rate to be charged on loans will be set by management of the Bank and considered by the BOM in consultation with the government.

Current interest rate for the priority areas of the Bank is 8.5 % (eight point five percent) and for non-priority areas it is 9.5 % (Nine point five percent)


  1. What is DBE’s collateral requirement?

DBE relays primarily upon the financial viability of the project itself. However, in order to safeguard the loan, the Bank requires first- degree collateral security for all loans. Thus, for priority projects, the Bank takes the project itself as collateral.

  Projects operating on rented premises are required to present additional collateral outside the project amounting to 100% of the loan. However, if the premise is rented from government organs and written undertaking is obtained from the government organ to enable the Bank transfer the renting right to third party in case of default, additional collateral outside the project will not be required.


  1. What are the requirements to access DBE’s loan?
  1.     Project Financing -> Loan Requirement
  2.      Lease Financing ->  Requirement
  1. What are the Ethiopian currency denominations?

Ans:- Ethiopia has 1,5,10, 50 and 100 Birr notes and a 1, 5 10,25,50 cents coins.

  1. Can I exchange foreign currency to birr in DBE?

 Ans:- Yes.

 Q.What are the majors foreign currencies that the country uses?

 Ans:- US Dollar, Pound Sterling and Euro are vastly used in Ethiopia. However, banks in Ethiopia transact in Japanese Yen, Rand, Rupee, Swedish Krona, etc.

  1. What is Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Bond?